Unblock your Chakras Bundle

2018-08-23 02.53.49 1.jpg
2018-08-23 02.53.49 1.jpg

Unblock your Chakras Bundle


Dear Ones, I'm so excited to be offering these to you! These came in a feverish download, the Universe giving me everything I needed for this offering.

A blend of Tarot, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Herbal medicine, my Unblock the Chakras offering will help uncover some of the blockages present in your energy system, and then give you tools to help facilitate balancing them. It is not quick work, and I won't promise you that it is, but with the guidance and Sacred Pause specifically created for you, you will be able to slowly move through the blockages that are present in a gentle way.

Included in the offering are:
☆3 Card Printed Reading
☆Crystal Collection
☆Sacred Mist
☆Bath Soaks or Fire Offering
☆Energy Reading that will identify your
☆Custom Mala Bracelet

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