Monoceros Intention Strand

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Monoceros Intention Strand


Monoceros, known as the Unicorn, isn't what
you think. Unicorns nowadays are fluffy and
glittery, but traditionally they were seen as a
symbol of spiritual revelation, freedom,
enchantment and transformation.

Monoceros carries the power of the Crone, of wisdom
and purity that comes from ridding yourself
of the old.

This is a call to embrace the elemental powers
around you, settle in and use this time as an
incubation period to clean sweep your life
and make way for the new, like a forest fire or
a storm.

The newest Cosmic Intention Strand is Monoceros! All about transformation, spiritual freedom and birthing new ways of life.

Made with 6mm Clear Quartz for increasing spiritual wisdom, promoting clarity and activates your energy centers; and Smoky Quartz for stabilizing and overcome your negative emotions in order to manifest what you desire. Finished with a double terminated Smoky Quartz to guide your intentions throughout your energy centers and beyond.

Comes with a description card and how to best program the strand with your intention.

These are MADE TO ORDER, please allow 7 to 10 days for them to be created and shipped.

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