Cetus Intention Strand

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Cetus Intention Strand


Cetus, the Whale, Keeper of Traditions.
Known for being a majestic and living in
harmony with the natural world, Cetus is the
protector of the world and safely guides it day
to day.
The Whale symbolizes great power and you
can call on it's energy when you are going
through a difficult time.
When you feel down, spend time each day it
occurs to meditate. Visualize yourself in the
middle of the ocean, nothing around. Then
from the depths a whale rises underneath you,
allowing you to rest on its back. As you
breathe, imagine the whale taking you closer
and closer to shore, to where you can gather
your strength again.
Cetus holds the medicine of As Above So
Below, because it isn't afraid to dive into the
darkness, but still has the strength to rise into
the light.

Created with High grade 6mm Green Fluorite and Clear Quartz beads with a double terminated Smoky Quartz focus stone.

Each strand will come with a description card of the medicine the constellation holds.

These are MADE TO ORDER, please allow 7 to 10 days to create and ship.

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