Balance Mini-Sacred Pause Kit


Balance Mini-Sacred Pause Kit


"Balance is a difficult thing to manage,

dear one.

Not doing too much of this 

and not enough of that. 

The key is to know what is worth

spending your time on.

Is it important? 

Will it make you happy?

Will is cause you stress

or will it make your day easier?

Sit with your Self

and if it helps, write it out. 

Make a plan 

and then follow through with it."

This mini kit was created with the intention of Balance and includes a collection of crystals and objects that are meant to aid you in your day to day life in regards to balancing what is imbalanced. Whether that is your work/play life, or your emotions, or just anything, this kit will bring gentle guidance to you.


Crystal Grid with Selenite palmstone, Kyanite blades, Raw Rose Quarz, and Clear Quartz.

Touchstone Mala Bracelet with Unakite, Rudraksha and White Jade.

Palo Santo and raw Lepidolite cleansing bundle.

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