Sacred Connections

"Sacred Connection appears to every person in a different way, the act of stepping into your Self and healing the wounds that slow you down. The ones you cannot heal? You bring them up out of the darkness and shower them with love and light. The act of creating mystical, reverent and mindful energies in your life are what connects you to the Sacred."


Sacred Connections started off as an e-course meant to be filled with all kinds of rituals, meditations and methods of aiding you in rejoining you with your Self. But then it evolved to so much more. Instead of a chronological journey, it became a workbook, a guide as you will, of ways to release, identify, build and act on various aspects of your life, both spiritual and energetically. Work at your own pace, pick and choose different parts that completely resonate with you and the path you are on. It is meant for you to grab the guide, pull out what you need most at that time and build a sacred practice around it that will connect you with your Self, the most ancient, wild, and reverent parts of what makes you, you.