Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Full Moon dearest moon beams!

This moon, while in Sagittarius, is going to be a high vibration and high tension period. You will be more prone to argue, emotions flaring and doubts surfacing. You'll feel this moon physically as well. You'll feel tired and cranky, remember to drink lots of water and even take some catnaps. Skip the nighttime activities and get a full nights rest. But the plus side of this is that it will illuminate all of the things blocking your alignment with your Self and the highest visions you have for your life. This is the time to speak your truths, grabbing at the chances to do something you've never done before and the things that make you the happiest.  

Release that which no longer serves you and you'll be one step closer to alignment. 

Don't forget to do your tarot spread tonight!! Tag #escapingstars on instagram to share! 


Hope you have a blessed Full Moon!