Spirituality can be messy....


Being a spiritual person, embracing a spiritual lifestyle does not mean that you have to have your shit together. Spirituality can be messy. You can have mental illness and be spiritual.

It can be you picking up a tarot card off the floor because your deck fell a week ago and you haven'thad the energy to pick them up. It can be staying in bed with the covers over your head, listening to journey work. It can be sitting in your car, having a panic attack, and trying to recite your mantras to pull yourself out.

 It's not all light and love. It doesn't have to be perfectly curated and please don't feel like you have to compete with others for who's more dedicated. Each practice is unique. If it works for you, then do it, no matter what anyone else is doing.  


I've been battling myself with this thought process recently. "Why don't I have my shit together?" "Why does my practice seem more chaotic that it has in the past, and especially compared to others I see on Instagram?"  Doubt and stress from mundane aspects of my life have been affecting me more than I thought and it all came to a head last week. Almost every day was marked with deep sobbing in my car and overwhelming anxiety. I didn't pull cards, I didn't create. I withdrew and now I saw that was the wrong decision. 

To top off my last couple of weeks, I had all of my jewelry supplies stolen two days ago. Pretty much every tool and every bead is gone. I'm not sure I can restart. But I'm going to try. 


So I'll be having a donations based tarot reading! Three price options based on how many cards you would like.