Chaotic Grace


"No matter how hard you try, you were not meant to be filled with only light and goodness. You were meant to curse and scream and rage, rage, rage against the grain. You were meant to show up messy, make mistakes and make them again. To dance along the line of dark and light, to allow the shadows to overtake you, to cleanse you and come out the other side with stars in your eyes and the earth beneath your feet.

Navigating the darkness with chaotic grace is what you were created to do, reflecting the way to balance the light and darkness, finding clarity and your Sacred Voice in the process."

It's been a hard couple of days, with the New Moon and eclipse energies flying wild. I lost myself for awhile and re-emergence was....difficult, to say the least. Doubts and worries came to the forefront and while my tribe of amazing SiStars supported me through this time, I am taking some time to rework and re-dream these ideas. 

During my daily meditation, the message above came through and with it the realization that while you don't have to dwell in the darkness all of the time, it does you no good to ignore that side of yourself. While you have the negative emotions or the dark side to yourself, the only thing you need to do is sit with them. Invite them to share their story, why are they there? What can you learn from them? Smile at this new knowledge and let them settle back into your bones, into the shadows where they will rest until you need them again. Your darkness is what makes you, you. The balance between the light and the dark is a thin line, and if they are out of balance, you will feel the ripples throughout your body and mind.

In shop news! There will be a couple of new items listed on Friday and a new offering available though this website starting Monday!