Embody Sneak Peek

Dear One, 

Sometimes going through your day to day life is hard. You can never find the time to do what you need to, let alone anything for my spiritual Self. The purpose of the Embody E-book is to give you prompts to do everyday, with specific intentions, all no more than 15 or 20 minutes. 

Each chapter is specifically curated for an intention that will aid you in coming back into your body and living within that Sacred Pause, learning it's lesson and keeping it with you when you need it most. 

This sneak peek is of the Grounding Chapter including everything from the e-book except the meditation for that chapter. Each chapter follows the same outline more or less, with crystal allies, affirmations, the Sacred Pause and a tarot spread. Some chapters will have even more content with the full e-book. 

Spirituality can be messy....


Being a spiritual person, embracing a spiritual lifestyle does not mean that you have to have your shit together. Spirituality can be messy. You can have mental illness and be spiritual.

It can be you picking up a tarot card off the floor because your deck fell a week ago and you haven'thad the energy to pick them up. It can be staying in bed with the covers over your head, listening to journey work. It can be sitting in your car, having a panic attack, and trying to recite your mantras to pull yourself out.

 It's not all light and love. It doesn't have to be perfectly curated and please don't feel like you have to compete with others for who's more dedicated. Each practice is unique. If it works for you, then do it, no matter what anyone else is doing.  


I've been battling myself with this thought process recently. "Why don't I have my shit together?" "Why does my practice seem more chaotic that it has in the past, and especially compared to others I see on Instagram?"  Doubt and stress from mundane aspects of my life have been affecting me more than I thought and it all came to a head last week. Almost every day was marked with deep sobbing in my car and overwhelming anxiety. I didn't pull cards, I didn't create. I withdrew and now I saw that was the wrong decision. 

To top off my last couple of weeks, I had all of my jewelry supplies stolen two days ago. Pretty much every tool and every bead is gone. I'm not sure I can restart. But I'm going to try. 


So I'll be having a donations based tarot reading! Three price options based on how many cards you would like.

Winter Solstice: Welcoming in the Light

This is the point in the year where the day is the shortest and the night is the longest. This day is celebrated across cultures and religions usually with fire and celebration. The dark is ceding to the light for its half of the year, welcoming in new beginnings and new growths, and saying goodbye to the old.

My favorite ritual to do for Winter Solstice is to release and begin again. As you work your ritual, be mindful of any words that come up for you, whether it is healing, reverence, cultivating, etc. Write down these words, you can use these as guiding words for your year.



 So first things first, create a sacred space. Fill this with light, preferably natural light. Candles, Lanterns, whatever you desire. This will shine the light in the darkness and welcome in the Sun for the next half of the year. Surround yourself with whatever you would like, play music, place crystals and objects around you that aid in releasing and welcoming. Smokey Quartz, Petrified Wood, Citrine are all perfect for releasing things of the past. Before you begin with the ritual, clear your space, both physically and energetically. Light some incense, spray some essential oil spray into the air, burn some Cedar and Sweetgrass.

When you are ready, I want you to say these affirmations out loud, it will add more energy into your intentions.

“I am not afraid of the long night with its darkness, I welcome the lessons I have learned from it”
“As the dark recedes and the light grows, so shall my intentions”
“I dedicate myself to my goals this season, and trust that I will receive what I need”

Next, grab some paper and a pen. Write the words “If I could release one thing from this year that is holding me back, it would be….” You can do this with however many things you feel that you need to release. These could be remnants of a past relationship, resentment towards someone, anger at yourself. Allow them to come forward and hold it for a moment.

Think about how they make you feel. Visualize a chord connecting you to those things, like a chain or a rope. Visualize yourself breaking free and releasing them, the chain disintegrating. When you have done that for each release, close out the paper by writing “With my lessons learned, and to make space for new, I release this.”


Take the paper and fold it up, cupping it in your hands. Take a deep breath, imaging your breath as a cleansing light. With your hands cupped, blow into the paper, clearing off any negative debris that may still be lingering. Then, I want you to rip up the papers into tiny pieces. If you can, burn them. If you cannot safely burn them, throw them away. You can even choose to bury them.

Then I want you to take another piece of paper and write the words “The thing I wish to manifest this year and work on is…….” and write down anything you wish. These could be tiny things, like I wish for people to accept my life choices or I wish to accept love into my life. I wish for a new career or finding my purpose.  Now envision a rose gold light emanating from your chest, working its way up to your mouth. The same way you cupped your hands and blew into the release paper, I want you to do that here. Instead of thinking about negativity, visualize that light filling those thoughts with positive energy, telling the universe that this is what you want, not the other way around. Then place the piece of paper on or near your sacred space. This will charge those items with intent and it’ll work double time to manifest them.

Close out your ritual by gathering that same rose gold light and sending it out to the world as an offering. You may choose your own affirmation or repeat the one below.

“As I welcome light into my Self, to begin anew, I send light out into the world, to those who need it most.”


You may also do your own Tarot Reading, to help clarify this Winter Solstice. Use the Winter Solstice Tarot Spread, don't forget to tag @escapingstars on Instagram. I love seeing your readings! 

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Full Moon dearest moon beams!

This moon, while in Sagittarius, is going to be a high vibration and high tension period. You will be more prone to argue, emotions flaring and doubts surfacing. You'll feel this moon physically as well. You'll feel tired and cranky, remember to drink lots of water and even take some catnaps. Skip the nighttime activities and get a full nights rest. But the plus side of this is that it will illuminate all of the things blocking your alignment with your Self and the highest visions you have for your life. This is the time to speak your truths, grabbing at the chances to do something you've never done before and the things that make you the happiest.  

Release that which no longer serves you and you'll be one step closer to alignment. 

Don't forget to do your tarot spread tonight!! Tag #escapingstars on instagram to share! 


Hope you have a blessed Full Moon! 

Take your Time

I've been quiet. I've been distant. I've been doubtful.



When you see someone who has cheered you on so much essentially steal your soul work, do the same exact thing and seemingly do it better. When you receive a nasty message from someone who promotes love and light because of a USPS mess-up that you are trying your best to rectify. It digs. It dives deeper into the place in myself who thinks she is not good enough, that everything she does clearly doesn't matter and that most people don't really care anyway. So she withdraws. She stops creating what her Self sings to do. She let's the waves crash over her head.


But now she's done with that.


Self care looks different to a lot of people. To some it's a bubble bath, maybe a massage or a vacation. To me, self care looks like trying things that I have wanted to do but haven't. Especially when I'm afraid of doing these things by myself. A solo lunch and movie date, exploring a State Park and hiking with just me and a camera, purging material possessions that don't jive with me anymore.


Dragging myself (and trust me, it is similar to trying to dig yourself out of a giant pit in the ground) out of the almost catatonic state I found myself in involved not rushing. If I rushed myself I would just slip and fall back.

During morning meditations (which I recommend before you do anything in the morning) I received this message:


"Do not rush yourself, dear one. Take your time and make a plan. You have been given visions of what you want out of this life and what your purpose is. But your doubt and fear are in your way, the little voice telling you that you can't do this, that you are not good enough. Silence it, dear one. You are an amazing combination of elements and are capable of the visions you hold dear."

Sometimes we need to envision the bigger picture, sometimes we need step back. Listen to your Self.