Monday Musings: Collective Liminal Star Reading with Cetus

We are at a precipice, dear ones. An underwater cliff where we either swim or we sink and the only way for us to swim is if we unlearn all of the heavy and outdated programming we have had since we were children. Beliefs and patterns that we have inherited from our parents, who in turn inherited from theirs, and so on and so forth, they sometimes do us no good at all, or they only are good for specific things and then are useless. Sometimes they keep us in an endless cycle of old, and negative paradigms.

It is our responsibility now to break the chains that are keeping us small and keeping us from growing. It won’t always be pretty or comfortable, the transition. Going from regurgitating the same thoughts and actions that we’ve been doing to beginning a new cycle of Be-ing.

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With Cetus associated with the Collective Unconscious, we are able to shed light on the ancestral imprints manifesting themselves as archetypes. These archetypes, with their Ego and Shadow sides, constantly show up in our life as recurring situations that we must address on a personal and collective level.

Cetus is the Keeper of Traditions, the Medicine Keeper of As Above, So Below, the Conscious and the Unconscious. The whale teaches us to exist in both worlds, diving deep into the depths without fear or hesitation and rising back up into the light of the surface. They show us how easy it is to create this union between two seemingly opposing forces.

We are being called by Cetus to address the shadow archetypes that we have in our lives, no matter how small or how many we have. By diving deep into our Selves and identifying the cycles that we find ourselves in, especially the toxic ones, we are able to bring them to the surface of light. Humans are not good or bad, not all of the things that we need to release are things caused by other people, a lot of it is either inherited like I’ve said above, or toxic traits stemming from trauma and those shadow archetypes that we find ourselves cycling in. Just because you may have toxic traits does not inherently make you a toxic person, but the lack of action on those traits is what leads you down into those shadows.

By bringing those traits and behaviors and thoughts and all the other dark things to the surface allows you to alchemize them. Take each thing and bathe it in the light, transforming it into the most pure version of itself. Chaos becomes Order, Profane becomes Sacred, Fixity becomes Transformation, and Envy becomes Gratitude.

Finding the shadows and integrating them into your healing. This is was Cetus calls for us to do. To not be afraid of our Shadows, of the depths within us but rather learn from them and purify them so that you may heal and grow.