Monday Musings: Collective Liminal Star Reading with the Perseids

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For the beginning of this week the Perseids Meteor shower is at its peak and with it’s radiant point in the constellation Perseus, it holds some potent medicine.

In ancient times, meteor showers were thought to carry gifts and messages from the Universe and the Gods. With it originating in Perseus, the energies we can work with are light and protection.

often associated with the Persian Sun Diety, Mithras, Perseus holds solar energy, allowing you to call down vitalitym hope and light.

Combining that with Ptolemy’s planetary association to Jupuiter and Saturn, we can direct that life energy towards laying stable foundations and opening ourselves up for expansion.


While channeling this message from the Perseids I was also given a guided meditation that you can do. The best way, according to them, to work with their energies is to use the renewed energies to propel you into action on something that has been blocking your path. What you have been clinging to in fear of the unknown? Find those things, tune into the heart and get to work on your visions.

samantha roberts