Monday Musings: Collective Liminal Star Reading with Leo

Dear Ones, Leo is coming in SO strongly to work with us this week. It's no wonder with the New Moon Wednesday and the Lions Gate Portal next week.

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Leo is urging us to not only open our heart centers, but strengthen the balance between the feminine and masculine sides of our Selves. We can do this by grounding, by creating an ever present lifeline to keep us connected to Mother Earth while still allowing us the freedom to leap through dimensions and explore. It's the security cord that says "You can jump off the edge and the Universe will have your back."

Leo is associated with the Sun, and in ancient times as the protector of Sacred Waters when the Nile would flood each year. This strength and protection translates into our body and how we interact with it. It is said that Leo is associated with the Heart, Spine and Thymus Gland. The spine supports your physical body while the Thymus Gland reaches the body to protect itself from deadly pathogens. The heart is the center of your body, both energetically and physically. It is the center of your emotions and compassion and the way your life force is circulated through your body. We HAVE to do the work to support that which is supporting you. By opening our Heart center, it gives us the awareness and wellbeing to balance and protect our energies from those things that would deplete us.

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I get it, opening your heart lets in the good but it also lets in the bad, the wounds and every bit of shadow in your energy field. But life isn't all light. It involves feeling despair and grief so strong it's like a wave crashing into you. That's how life works and there is NO way of forcing the dark down, there is only finding balance, finding ways to stand up to the darkness and say "I am not afraid." You are doing a disservice to your Self by trying to fight against it.

This next week holds POTENT energies from Leo, all you need to do is direct that energy in the direction that you choose. Create a routine for now until the Portal (8/8) to physically write out your intentions in pen. Choose 11 intentions in the PRESENT tense for the next 11 days. (Ex: "I am getting offered a promotion at work." "I have enough money to pay rent each month." "I am healing from any traumatic wounds that are keeping me small.") This puts the intentions into action mode. Next take a crystal for abundance, or Clear Quartz, or whatever feels right and hold it between your hands. Whisper to it it's new job. Tell it that you are going to amplify these intentions and prompt any actions that need to aid them. Each day after writing them down, place them under the crystal.

At the end of the 11th day, on the day of the Lions Gate Portal bless the pieces of paper with herbs or oils, or just words. Frankincense, Spikenard, Nutmeg and Ginger can all be burned or sprinkled on the papers to increase their potency. With a window open, or do it outside, burn the papers and allow the smoke to carry your intentions to the Stars.

samantha roberts