Monday Musings: Collective Liminal Star Reading

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We are in the midst of a transformative time, dear ones, both in a physical and spiritual sense. With all of the Cosmic occurrences, a lot is working their way to the surface. Dreams that we've given up on, emotions and feelings that we've been ignoring and pushing down are appealing with complete clarity.

Pegasus came through so strongly to guide us through these transformative times. We have to decide if we want to stay where we are or if we want to heal what needs to be healed so that we may align ourselves with our highest vision.

If you are in the former group, comfortable with where you are and not wanting to move, know that you can. However, the Universe has a way of forcing you to move, making it more uncomfortable that if you just flowed with the change. New ways of being are emerging and they need space in order to do so.

Pegasus is depicted as a white, winged horse, representing the ability to create a bridge, flying into new transcendent realms. It allows you to cross over thresholds not normally available to you. To the Celts, horses were seen as symbols of divination and growing psychic abilities. So with Pegasus coming through SO strongly to work with us at this time calls on us to fully embrace and work on increasing our natural intuition and abilities. Use Pegasus to guide you into your inner Self, to reach deep into your intuition and address what needs to be embraced or released.

By traveling to these different places within ourselves, our Heart, our Soul Home, the place where your energy field meets the Earth's, we will be able to activate codes and visions that reside in these energy centers. These things have been forgotten, pushed down or blatantly ignored until the have become small, solid rocks in our energies blocking what needs to move. Going through our old programming and making new spaces for these pieces of ourselves to grow and change can only serve us in the most purest of ways.

Now all of our negative programs and traits won't just disappear overnight, there is work to be done on them. But the ones that were identified? Acknowledging them and giving them a voice, by making the decision to transmute them is the first step towards full on activation of the new systems being put into place.

Pegasus, although powerful and forceful about being worked with, isn't very particular about HOW you work with it, just that you do. Make time to sit with everything that's been coming forward during this celestial turbulent time and consciously create a new intuitive practice to take the next steps.

If you need a little push in the right direction, here is a tarot spread to give you some insight.

samantha roberts