....a time of great upheaval, although not all of it is bad. You will find yourself in the midst of obstacles and miscommunication, where sometimes, nothing seems to go right. Although this can be felt by almost everyone, it does not always have to be seen negatively. The obstacles in your way allow you to revisit your beliefs and areas in your life where things may not be working out fully. This is a time to rest, evaluate what seems to not work, and reconnect with your true vision....

This kit was designed to aid you in navigating Mercury Retrograde. This period is often full of things coming to the surface that no longer work, allowing you to restructure your thoughts and your life on a small scale. What this kit does is brings you allies to use to avoid miscommunications and bring balance into your life.

Kits Includes:

  • Sacred Pause Ritual
  • Collection of crystals to aid in your journey, specifically designed to ease the effects of this period.
    • Red Jasper for grounding and stability.
    • Lepidolite for stress relief and easing anxiety.
    • Smokey Quartz for protection and absorbing negativity.
    • Sodalite for communication.
    • Black Onyx for purifying thoughts and inner monologue.
  • Bath Mix to aid you in relaxing during this time.
    • Epsom Salts for detoxing and muscle relaxation.
    • Lavender Essential Oil and Buds for serenity and calming.
    • Rosemary leaves for purification.
    • Rose petals for love and compassion.
  • Cleansing Kit to start Retrograde with an energetically clean space.
  • Custom Retrograde Spray to use on your body or in your space.
    • Lavender
    • Witch Hazel
    • Peppermint Essential Oil for recharging your batteries.
    • Sage Oil for cleansing and purifying the space.
    • Sodalite pebble for clear communication and speaking your truth.
“Release, Purge, Cleanse. Free yourself from the ties that hold you stuck in place, that dampens your spirit and is slowly suffocating that storm inside of you. Throw down dome cards for guidance, tossing your blockages into the fire. Fling your hands above your head and sway to the sound of your favorite songs. Burn some lemongrass and lavender and whisper your visions into the smoke. Your words will swirl among the tendrils, growing and shaping into stars you can grasp.”