... the break of Stillness when you just are, you're not going or coming. You are fully in this moment. You pause and focus your entire being on your dreams and desires, the visions you have for your Self. It's the time during your day when you have a sit down with the Universe and say "I surrender to you, I surrender my energy to these things" and the Universe listens.

Allow me to create a Sacred Pause specifically for you, tailored to whatever intention you are trying to work on at this time. Return back to it whenever you need more guidance. 

You have the option of three different style of kits. Please choose the kit that calls to you most and select from the drop down menu below.

Kits Includes:

  • Sacred Pause Ritual
  • 3 card tarot reading printed for you to return to
  • Collection of crystals to aid in your journey
  • Custom herb blend, used as incense or bath mix
  • Sprig of Sage, Palo Santo and a stick of Selenite for cleansing your space.
  • A Custom Sacred Spray, to be used in your space or on your body
  • Your choice of: a Wrist Mala, a Mala Necklace or an Upgraded Crystal Grid. The Upgraded kit will include larger stones and specimens that may include a palm stone, a obelisk, a sphere, or a pyramid.  
“Release, Purge, Cleanse. Free yourself from the ties that hold you stuck in place, that dampens your spirit and is slowly suffocating that storm inside of you. Throw down dome cards for guidance, tossing your blockages into the fire. Fling your hands above your head and sway to the sound of your favorite songs. Burn some lemongrass and lavender and whisper your visions into the smoke. Your words will swirl among the tendrils, growing and shaping into stars you can grasp.”