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Escaping Stars

Traveler of the Star Space & Quiet Magic Maker

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Escaping Stars started out with a love of intuitively creating pieces so that people could have a touchstone to their spiritual practice in their day to day lives. It has evolved from offering Mala jewelry, to Tarot, to Sacred Pause kits and now working with the Liminal Star Space.

Working with everything from energy centers, crystals, the Stars and Tarot,  Escaping Stars was created to help, not just myself but even just helping one person not feel alone, and find a practice that will help them navigate their own depths. These allies have changed my life and allowed me to work with my own shadows, building and growing my practice and my intuition and allowing me the guidance and space to create a life where I am authentically my Self.


“My heart is littered with the ruins of every version of my Self that has died.

There is no more space for creating.

Only Rebuilding…

Only Becoming.”

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About Escaping Stars

I’ve been walking this spiritual path for over a decade, fully committing to my Self and my practice four years ago. This past January I experienced what can only be described as an Awakening. My intuition went insane and I was able to channel what was previously closed off to me. The Liminal Star Space opened itself to me, eager to share it’s message and medicine, filled to the brim with the constellations others often only know when they look up in the sky, not knowing that each Constellation holds wisdom and magic in their own right.

Working within the Liminal Star Space has been chaotic and warm and loving and cleansing. It has brought me to my purpose and my home, allowing me to work with a new old modality that wants to e tapped into.

The past few months have been extremely transformative, and the way that I share my offerings are so different. Feeling called to step back from making physical offerings except for a few channeled pieces, the focus has shifted into sharing the wisdom the Constellations hold for us.



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